Summer Camps

2024 Summer Camp registration is now open!

2024 Summer Camp Registration

City of Memphis Summer Camp




June 3 – July 26 (except June 19th & July 4)


Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (pick up by 5:00 p.m.)


Free to City of Memphis residents


Summer camp will be available at all City of Memphis Community Centers for ages 5 – 13 with the exception of the Raymond Skinner Center.


Teen summer camp will be available for ages 14 – 16 at the following community centers: Bert Ferguson, Charles Powell, Cunningham, Davis, Ed Rice, Glenview, Hickory Hill, Lester, &Whitehaven


The following documents will need to be uploaded along with the application to apply:

-Parent/guardian driver’s license or state ID
-Birth certificate of camper
-Proof of guardianship
-Proof of residency (most recent MLGW bill, tax bill, lease)

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Summer Day Camp Rules

  1. Parents/Guardians must sign their child/children in and out daily.
  2. Only the parent/guardian and other individuals listed on the application may sign the child/children out from camp.
  3. Teen campers, who are at least 13 years old, may sign themselves out only, if approval has been given by the site director, and has been clearly indicated on the registration form. Campers will not leave the campsite early unless written parental consent is given and verified by the site director.
  4.  The staff will not dispense any medication to children. Therefore, parents/guardians must inform the staff of any medical problems (including allergies) the camper suffers from, and medications the camper is currently taking before the start of camp.
  5.  All children must be picked up from camp by 5:00 PM. Absolutely NO late pickups!
  6.  Parents/Guardians will be contacted should your child/children become unruly during camp. The site director will inform the parent/guardian of any disciplinary problems by phone or at the end of camp each day. Disciplinary action is at the discretion of the site director and may result in suspension or termination from camp.
  7. There will be absolutely no profanity or fighting tolerated at camp. No weapons of any type are permitted on the premises (i.e., guns, knives, brass knuckles, etc.).
  8.  Campers must obey all staff, and remain with their group at all times.
  9. Field trip permission forms must be signed and returned to the campsite for each camper, per trip or activity off-site. Additionally, parents/guardians must purchase a camp t-shirt for their child/children to be eligible for field trips.
  10. Parents/Guardians must label their child/children’s belongings (i.e., towels, jackets, water jugs, backpacks, etc.).
  11. The staff, camp site, or City of Memphis is not responsible for any personal belongings (i.e., ipods, mp3/ 4 players, handheld games, electronic devices, cell phones, trading cards, etc.). Therefore, these items are PROHIBITED from camp. Items may be collected by the Site Director and returned to the parent/guardian at the end of the day.
  12. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to visit and participate in camp activities. All visitors must sign in, and report to the office upon arrival.
  13. Parents, please remember this is an indoor/outdoor summer camp program. All campers must be appropriately dressed. The following dress code will be enforced to assure appropriate attire and ensure safety during summer day camp activities:
    • All campers must wear a closed-toe and heel tennis shoes. No sandals, flip–flops, crocs, heels, or mule-styled shoes may be worn.
    • Shorts and skirts can be worn no less than 1 inch above the knee. No skirts can be worn unless shorts are worn underneath.
    • No dragging or sagging bottoms may be worn. Belts must be worn if belt loops are present.
    • Clothing, jewelry, belt buckles, hats, or visors that contain illegal/controlled products, offensive language, offensive images, display alcohol, or tobacco products are prohibited.
    • No hats, caps, bandanas, do-rags, stocking caps, or hair rollers can be worn inside of the campsite. Hats or caps may be worn for outdoor activities only.
    • No exposed midriffs/ tops or undergarments may be shown. No halter tops, pajama pants, or tank tops may be worn to camp.
    • Revealing, exceptionally deep cut tops or inappropriately fitted clothing may not be worn.

Summer Camp Referral Process

In the event that you need to change the camp location for your child, we will try to accommodate you. You must have a legitimate reason necessitating a referral or transfer to another community center site. The following process will be used to transfer your child:

  1. Notify the community center’s director or assistant director of the need to change locations.
  2. Indicate either verbally or in writing the reason for the change.
  3. The center director will either approve or disapprove the request.
  4. Approved requests will be discussed with the area manager and the receiving community center director to determine:
    1. If space is available
    2. If the transfer can indeed occur in a smooth fashion
  5. Parent/Guardian will be notified by the receiving community center director when to bring the child(ren) to the site.
  6. Another application must be filed with the site but no fees will be assessed.

Note: Attempts will be made to accommodate transfers, but transfers are not automatic due to the popularity of our summer day camp. They are made at the discretion of the original and receiving community center director with the approval of the area manager.